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Bitwise: News and Notes

Today, we added a couple of new Sponsors. Normally, sponsors provide some material or fiscal support. Not us. We flag them sponsors when some company, individual or organization goes out of their way to help us. Every bit of support is useful and these guys step up to the plate regularly.

Battery Buddies gave us some free product and significant technical advice. If you use batteries with Dean’s connectors, these simple additions make your life much simpler. Hopefully one day SparkFun will carry both Deans connectors and Battery Buddies caps.

Next up, the Colorado Rotor Heads has provided a great deal of RC knowledge and expertise. If you already fly RC Helicopters or would like too, this club rocks. The members rank from sheer novices, like Floyd and I, to top-notch pilots who make helicopters do things that seem impossible. Check them out if you are in the area.

Also, a new Cool Company has been added as well. Our competitor and soon to be friend over at Bluer White mentioned the general uselessness of double sided tape for mounting. If double sided tape mounting is a need, take a look at HeliProz’s offering for ZEAL Vibration Absorption tape. Our friend at Battery Buddies turned me onto it. While it seems pricey, the stuff is amazing: great adhesion and provides vibration isolation. I love the stuff. In fact, it sticks so well that it broke the housing loose from a EM-406 GPS receiver when I pulled it off the Traxxas today. Strange they attach a housing with crappy solder joint.

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