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Oops! Proto 1 takes a hit.

Bang! Fencepost wins.

Sometimes things go awry even when you suspect all your bases are covered. Nothing like buggy code, open loop speed set points and a narrow region with big buildings to occlude GPS. Wack! Too bad I didn’t have video it was pretty funny to watch.

Ah well, a little broken plastic and a snapped steering linkage. Linkage is fixed and little CA will hold the broken bits for a while anyway. Good thing we have multiple platforms. At this rate, most of them will be down for repairs. The good news is I found the bug but I’m going to have to find a larger place to test to avoid future destruction.

Repair Tools

Update: All fixed up. Repairs tools included a little CA from Remote Control Hobbies – Littleton, a beverage from New Belgium Brewery and a T-REX 450 linkage pack from Ultimate Flying Objects hobby shop.

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